vulcanization - production lines

Manufacturing of machines and production lines within vulcanization industry

Equipped with high quality machines (bending, cutting and rolling), Adinox builts vulcanization machines and production lines in its own workshop and has worlwide references.

At a worldwide scale, the company has demonstrated its know-how while developing environmental friendly machines which meet environmental regulations.




Machines are built in Adinox workshops from plastic and steel materials, then specifically cut, bended, formed and welded.

To meet customer‘s local governmental regulations, specific mechanical parts are purchased ,supplied and installed, such as axles, jacks, engines and other components.

The specific mechanical parts (such as gables and transmission shafts) are subcontracted to local specialized parties. Surface treatment, painting and galvanization are also subcontracted to local and well-known specialists.

Fabrication of Machines in Adinox workshop

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