adinox values

Environmental respect

ADINOX developps environmental friendly machines in order to meet regulations. Vulcanization machines are designed to recycle salts, to treat fumes and water (on a closed loop). Moreover, the low energy consumption has a direct positive cost impact.
Committed to the environment, Adinox respects and follows local regulations.


Quality and productivity

Adinox continuously invests to improve its efficiency in order to bring to customers the highest and best technological solutions. A water cutting bench has recently been installed, proposing new solutions to customers. Adinox has recently undergone ISO 9001 certification process in order to strengthen the quality of the company process flow.   



Present on a world wide scale, ADINOX adapts its offers to customer needs and their localization. Technical and administrative staff is qualified, highly skilled, and is continuously being trained on the latest technology. ADINOX has been developing a strong know-how thanks to the permanent staff that have been working for the company from its creation.    

ADINOX is also used to work with local subcontractors and partners in order to propose a complete offer to its customers.

In addition, most of the products are made in ADINOX workshop. This particularity enables the staff to closely manage the progress of projects while limiting the impact of potential external issues (cost, timing, quality, etc).



The safety of each employee is a priority for ADINOX, that why each one is specifically inducted to the hazards related to the workplace and the activities. Personal protective equipment are delivered to each one and each hazard has been identified, analyzed, reduced and mitigated through an overall and dedicated risk assessment.
Each fabricated equipment is compatible CE norms and follows each step of the fabrication dossier done with customer.

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