Subcontract and realization of specific items

Inside its own worhsops, ADINOX also offers customer’s maintenance activity on the metal work field (Cutting, bending, welding).

Company subcontracts the fabrication of specific items from local to European scales. This offer enables customers that are not equipped with specific equipment to deal with Adinox in order to realize specific products.
Adinox is equipped with special equipment, such as water jet and laser cutting machines (steel metal and plastic materials up to a thickness of 150 mm).

Thanks to recent investment, ADINOX owns modern machines.

fabrication of specific items in adinox workshop

Main means of production :

Laser bench Bystronic with automatic loading (3 000 W ; capacity: 3 000 x 1 500)
Water jet cutting machine Bystronic (4 000 bars ; 2 cutting heads ; capacity : 3 000 x 1 500)
Bending machine Bystronic (200 T ; 4 m ; 8 axes)
Bending machine Amada (170 T ; 3 m ; 5 axes)
Sawing bench (diameter : 400 mm)
Sawing bench (diameter : 120 mm)
Shear (5 mm x 2 m)
Rolling machine (3 mm x 1,50 m)
Rolling machine (2 mm x 1 m)
Welding machine ARO
Welding station TIG et MIG
Froklift (2,5 T)
Bridge cranes (5 T)

Laser machine Bystronomic video :

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